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Michaeljoe Goldstein, President at MGE Underground

I first had the opportunity to see Chris' leadership abilities applied in a business setting and I was always impressed with his approach. Knowing he is an avid student of Leadership Development, I was interested to see how those attributes translated into coaching. Now having worked with Chris as a coaching client, it's clear to me that Chris has effectively applied his knowledge and experience to his coaching practice.  
Chris coaches in a way that inspires the client to find the answers, which results in a sustained improvement of skills. He is respectful but honest; he'll tell you what he sees even if it's painful. I've found value in every session with Chris; other members of our team whom he is coaching have told me the same. I recommend Chris for any leader looking to further their professional development or improve their ability to influence and lead others.

Matt Kovisto, Director - Select Accounts Department at Owen Dunn Insurance Services

In April of 2016, I took on management of a team for the first time. I was to develop a new unit within our company. I had been on the sales side our business nearly my entire career. While our newly-formed team moved the unit forward, there were a lot of challenges. Our new COO mentioned that having a leadership coach might be beneficial. That was an understatement. I can honestly say that since I began working with Chris there's been transformational change. I can wholeheartedly recommend Chris as your leadership coach.

Tom Copriviza, Superintendent at Pacific Gas and Electric

Coach Chris takes you on a journey of discovery and aligning values to help you achieve what is truly important in life to you. As you work with Chris he knows just how hard to push you to get you out of your comfort zone and start you on a path of clarity. The more you put into it the more you will get out of it. Chris also sends you thought provoking articles; one that I enjoyed was the difference between agreement and setting expectations. For years I thought as a leader my job was to set expectations with my team…after reading the article and talking with Chris I had a paradigm shift. 

Matthew De Young, Executive Director at Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz

I began coaching with Chris shortly after taking on a new role as executive director at a trail building and advocacy non-profit. My involvement in the organization began as a volunteer, evolved to being a project based seasonal employee, and has turned into this leadership role. While I have a strong proficiency in the technical aspects of the work we do, the managerial and leadership duties of an Executive Director role are a whole new set of challenges. Chris had proved integral in my success and effectiveness in this new role. Managing the litany of personal relationships that are part of managing a public facing non-profit has been the most difficult part of this new role. Interacting with employees, board of directors, project partners, public agencies, our constituents and many others is basically what this role entails. Chris has uncanny ability to help in stepping back from the day to day toil to get an objective perspective. His style lends itself to self discovery, he is not one to give a road map but provides the insight and asks the right questions to help me plot my own and look ahead at being an effective leader.

Ron R., Maintenance & Construction Superintendent

Coaching with Chris has changed my life- he holds me accountable, he makes me think, he encourages me to listen.

Matt Long,project manager

Chris has challenged me and helped me think outside of my normal realm of thinking, which in turn, helped me evolve into a more responsible and accountable leader, husband and father.