Clydesdale Group, LLC


Working people deserve exceptional leaders.  

That's my mission. One Leader at a Time. 

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Clydesdale Group, LLC is a leadership coaching and executive consulting firm run by CTI  certified coach, Chris Baker. Chris partners with clients who have typically made their way up through the ranks of a given profession or trade.  His clients often find themselves in transition; new to leadership, promoted, in development for leadership, filling a new role, making a career change, have discovered blind-spots, or simply want to improve.

I find my clients who respond best want to have impact but feel there is something more. Something more for them and something more for the people they lead.

They are a work-in progress—a manager who genuinely wants to treat his/her people well and who genuinely wants to excel but is struggling to get it right.  And is willing to work for it.

My coaching with Chris was one of my best and most interesting experiences in my professional career.  I can honestly say that Chris has helped me tremendously in becoming a better leader for my team.  He has guided me as I gain confidence in myself as a leader and led me to overcome fears.  Chris is a great coach and used a variety of techniques that helped me grow as a leader.  At the beginning of our coaching sessions, we came up with personal and business goals. By the end of our term, as we went back through them, we evidently confirmed that we accomplished all of our goals!  I couldn’t have done this without his help.  Even my manager noticed the difference.  The biggest benefit he provides in the long run is equipping you with tools that you can continue using even after the sessions have ended. In addition, he makes himself available for anything afterwards.  A huge THANK YOU to Chris, you are one of a kind. 

Fernando Orgiel, Insurance Manager