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Our Coaching Journey begins with a single step: your commitment to bettering your life, understanding your values and purpose, and using those to cultivate the untapped leadership potential within you. 

How to Get Started

Coaching Services

Leadership Coaching

Everyone needs some help and guidance. Especially Leaders.

We'll start with discovery through professional assessments and/or 360 feedback as desired.

This helps us determine your leadership strengths and gaps, and how you show up.

I will guide you to discover the Leader that you want to be and align with what is truly important to you, whether it be in your professional or private life.

You can then be more effective in a way that is consistent with your personal values and purpose. 

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Professional & Personal Coaching

My coaching work centers around helping you get to the core of what it is you truly want out of life based on your values and purpose.  

I believe you have it all within you; you are creative resourceful and whole.  

Whether you want to discover and/or clarify your life purpose, have better balance, change careers, run a marathon, write a book, or just slow things down, we will work together to develop a plan.

I will challenge you, and push you beyond your comfort to get there.

LEadership Advising & Consulting for Organizations

I consult with leaders and their teams to help them be more effective and solve their problems.  

This can take many forms; from simply having better meetings, to developing & implementing strategic solutions. For example:

  • application of Servant Leadership principles,
  • vision and strategic planning, 
  • leadership development and training,
  • mentoring and coaching,
  • succession planning,
  • performance management,
  • team building,
  • change leadership,
  • employee engagement and communication,
  • communities of practice,
  • problem solving facilitation,
  • action plan development,
  • safety leadership.  

My focus is always on how leaders lead as we tackle your issues together.  I’ll access the relevant body of knowledge and my experience to help guide you. 

Once I recognized my values, they became a guide to my decision making and I now have better structure.
— Pony K, General Construction Superintendent

How It Works

Discovery Session

We begin every coaching journey with a Discovery Session. During this initial 2-hour Discovery Session, we walk through the purpose of our coaching relationship and tap into the results you'd like to see. 

Determining Your Coaching Package

Your coaching package will reflect your commitments and needs through our coaching relationship. Before we begin any of our focused coaching you will be given a "Coaching Package," detailing our time commitments, relationship, information about you, my fees, and what to expect from our coaching journey.

Having new, refreshing perspectives on myself has allowed me to filter out a lot quickly and move effectively and efficiently in a direction. With Chris, I am meeting my goals, assessing my career, and making changes in 6 months rather than 2 years.
— Brian G., Fire Captain

Ready to Begin Your Journey?